Beauty is Everywhere


Beauty is everywhere. 

First and foremost, I am a wildlife photographer.  I am forever fascinated by the antics of bears, cats, lemurs and hundreds of other beautiful, curious, entertaining creatures.

On my annual trips to Tanzania, it is often difficult to tear my attention away from the plentiful critters that fill my frame.  I mean, why would I look elsewhere?

Except every once in awhile, the light in Tanzania does strange and wonderful things that divert my attention. 

Last year it was a stormy morning in the Ngorongoro.  This year it is a late afternoon in central Serengeti.  We depart our camp around 3:00pm and shortly after find a leopard hiding in a tree.  After about a half hour the leopard obliges us by climbing down the trunk, providing a good photo opportunity before disappearing into the long grass.

Not much later, we find another leopard, also in a tree.   But this one is too far away to justify time or photographs.  Next we encounter a handful of kestrels: circling, hunting, hovering, then diving to earth capture their prey.

As all this is happening, I notice that the sky is evolving, taking on a sort of mediterranean cast.

We stop briefly to watch a hyena chase a wildebeest calf but by now I’m feeling the magnetic tug of light and landscape.  I ask my driver to stop at a couple of different trees, looking for just the right combination of light, composition and subject matter.

Then I see this leafless, possibly lifeless, tree, its graceful limbs arcing skyward, alone in a vast plain of green and gold, silhouetted against a deepening, musky blue, with hazy hills rolling gently in the distance.

I am sure this aged relic catches the lens of many a photographer today.  This is my best effort to capture the mood, the grace, and all of the beauty.

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