Reflections on Light and Colour


Late last week, after days of over-indulging in turkey, taters, chocolate, eggnog and Netflix, I starting thinking about what sort of image would be appropriate to start off the new year.  

Outside it was cold, windy, and bucketing down rain.  I could barely see the trees in my backyard, yet alone the hills across the valley.  

It was midday and it was dark.  Like, seriously dark -- grab a headlamp, turn on the headlights type dark.  Not quite apocalypse dark, but you get the idea…

So I grabbed a handful of sugar cookies (thanks Heather!) and fired up my computer.  Looking for inspiration.  Looking for an excuse to delay the next Netflix binge.  Avoiding burying myself in bed under a mountain of down duvets and hibernating until mid-February (when I head off to Tanzania).

And I came across this image.

Then I glanced out my window — nothing but grey monotone nothingness.

And I looked back at this image.  The colours spoke to me.  The light leapt into my eyes.  The beautiful fall foliage twisted my dour frown into a whole-hearted, uninhibited smile.  And the world felt like a good place again.

I thought about all I had to be thankful for in 2017: my family, my friends, my continuing good health, my photographic adventures to Holland, France, Tanzania and Madagascar.

I thought about all the people I’ve met in poorer parts of the world who are not surrounded by such riches.  And I thought that photography has the ability to add a little cheer to everyone’s day — no matter where you live.

To me, the only important measuring stick for a photographic image is in the impact it has on its audience.  This image is a bright, cheerful, joyous image and it’s exactly what I needed to see that grey day last week.  It still feels pretty good today so I thought I should share it with everyone.

Enjoy this digital image or purchase a print by selecting it from my wildlife gallery.

- Mike